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APRIL 30th-MAY 2nd, 2020

Dear TCC4C Teens Capoeira families!

We are happy to invite you to our Annual Capoeira Batizado(“Baptism/initiation”), Belt Ceremony & Graduation festival taking place Thursday April 30- May 2nd.

This event is an annual international Capoeira festival taking place over the course of 3 days (Apr 30-May 2nd) and celebrates the hard work, dedication, accomplishments, and many hours of training all of the amazing students of TCC4C have invested throughout the year, and will include guests teachers and students from all over the world, including Russia, Israel, USA, Brasil, and more. The Teens will participate in a series of unique Capoeira workshops taught by a Capoeira Master, receive their first/next Capoeira Belt(Cordao), awarded to them by a Capoeira Master following a capoeira game in which they will be “baptized” into the world of Capoeira. All students are REQUIRED to wear formal TCC4C uniform (white pants+TCC4C shirt)(available for purchase before hand in class and upon check in at the event). Following this event every student who has a TCC4C Shirt/pants/Belt must wear it to Capoeira class.


Please note the event schedule: 

Thursday April 30th, 6pm-7:30pm, Dance Connexion, 245 Sheppard avenue west, suite 315

Friday May 1st, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Groove Creative Arts centre, 491 Eglinton Avenue west, suite 400, 4th floor

Saturday May 2nd, 1pm-5pm, North Toronto Memorial Community Centre, 200 Eglinton Ave West, room 115

FULL EVENT(3 days): 95$ (all Workshops/belt Ceremony/belt)      
Friday May 1st only: 60$ (Belt Ceremony/Belt)
Thursday Apr 30+Friday May 1st Only: 75$ (belt ceremony/belt/workshops)     
Friday Apr 1st+Saturday May 2nd: 85$ (belt ceremony/belt/workshops)                               
Those registering & completing payment BEFORE Friday April 3rd will enjoy an EARLY BIRD 10$ DISCOUNT. Payment methods accepted: Cheque/Cash/E Transfer/Visa/MC(5$ fee for CC).


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