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Are your classes for all levels?
Absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere, and all our classes have a wide range of skill levels, from no experience to some who have been practicing for several years. All are welcome, and the group dynamic is fun, supportive and conducive to learning for all levels.
Is there a minimum/maximum age for Capoeira?
No! As long as you are mobile you can participate in class. Our students come from a variety of ages from 4 years old to adolescents to grandparents who are intrigued by the beauty of Capoeira. While children tend to pick up the sport faster (as they do with other things), middle-aged and older people can also participate.
Some of the greatest Capoeira Masters in Brazil are 60+ and still practicing the sport! Our trained instructors will customize your training in a way best fitted for your body&mind.
How do i join/try a class?
We welcome all levels students, we recommend all new TCC4C students reserve a free trial class(red button on our homepage) so that the instructor can assess which class and level is best for you so that you can progress in class in the safest, funnest and healthiest way possible.
What should I bring to class?
Just yourself and a comfortable pants for working out and a t-shirt is sufficient. You will sweat so don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to re-hydrate throughout the class!
How many times a week should I train?
That depends on your other commitments, lifestyle and what you want to get out of Capoeira. Some people undertake Capoeira as a fun activity on a weekly basis; others do it as a training session for physical benefits and some as a professional sport. Most of our students train 2-3 times per week.
Can i use Capoeira for self defence?
Absolutely! The beauty and fluidity of Capoeira is certainly impressive and might appear as a dance however it was, without a doubt developed as form of martial art and self-defence. The basic movements of Capoeira were used by slaves to fight their way to freedom against armed guards in colonial times. While modern Capoeira has evolved over the years with acrobatic movements added to it to make it into a flowing game, its potential for attack and defence has not been diminished. Many parents sign up their children for Capoeira classes because they are not only learning an art of self-defence but also participate in a fun, social and extremely engaging activity.
Is Capoeira dangerous?
Like any martial art, Capoeira is a tactic which can be used for attack or self defence.
However, in Capoeira the main principle aims to teach players to work together rather than against each other. Our qualified instructors are always present to guide students as to how to execute movements in a safe and controlled environment so that they do not pose any risks to themselves or others and also to ensure students attempt moves only when they are experienced and trained enough to do so.
If you have past injures or special medical conditions please speak to your instructor so that they can choose movements which are best suited to your needs.
Do I have to purchase a TCC4C uniform?
-Please note that although TCC4C uniform(white pants and black shirt) is highly recommended, it is not mandatory until the students first belt ceremony(“Batizado”).
-For more information regarding purchasing a TCC4C uniform (Pants kids 60$/adults 70$, Shirt 35$), please contact us directly via Email/Whatsapp (payment via Cash/E Transfer/Credit Card).
Do classes run all year long? are there any breaks?
-Training season usually runs September through end of June(2 weeks Winter break December, 1 week Spring break in March) with summer camp running first 2 weeks of July.
The Canadian Centre for Capoeira
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