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7th Annual Belt Ceremony&Graduation

May 24th-26th 2024

The Canadian centre for Capoeira(TCC4C) is happy to invite YOU to our 7th Annual "Batizado"(Belt Ceremony and Graduation) and Troca de Cordão Celebration!

This event is an annual international Capoeira festival taking place over the course of 3 days and celebrates the hard work, dedication, accomplishments, and many hours of training all of the amazing students of TCC4C have invested throughout the year, and will include guests teachers and students from all over the world, including Russia, Israel, Germany, USA, Brazil, and more.

We are proud and excited to welcome back to Canada- Mestre "ALEMAO", Founder&head instructor of the German Centre for Capoeira & based in Frankfurt, a world class renowned Capoeirista who leads one of the biggest Capoeira Schools in Germany and brings over 25 years of Capoeira experience and will share his infectious energy and unique capoeira experience&knowledge with all of us, this is an opportunity to spend a weekend learning, expanding our knowledge and doing what we love doing most-PLAY CAPOEIRA!

Joining him will be Professor Tubarao from Tampa, Florida an interesting and exciting Capoeirista whose infectious energy will excite us all with one of a kind classes, songs and lots of Capoeira!

Confirmed Guests:

Alemao Picture.jpg

*Subject to change*

Friday May 24th-

LOCATION: Dance Connexion,Yonge/Eglinton 2063 Yonge Street #201, Toronto, M4S 2A2

5:15-5:45pm- Registration & Check In
5:45-6:45pm Kids 5+ workshop (Mestre Alemao),

5:45-6:45pm Teens 10+ Workshop(Professor Tubarao)

6:45-7:15pm Kids "Batizado"(belt ceremony) + Pictures with families

7:15-8pm Teens "Batizado"(belt ceremony) + Roda+ Pictures with families

Saturday May 25th-

 LOCATION: Dance Connexion, 245 Sheppard Avenue west, suite 315, Toronto.

 12:30-1pm Registration & Check in

 1-3pm Teens 10+ workshop+Roda (Mestre Alemao/Professor Tubarao)

 3-5pm Adults Workshop +Roda (Mestre Alemao)

 6pm- Dinner (TBD)

Sunday May 26th-

LOCATION: Dance Connexion, 245 Sheppard Avenue west, suite 315, Toronto.
12pm-2pm Teens 10+ Workshop+Rodas (Professor Tubarao)

2-4pm Adults Workshop +Roda (Mestre Alemao)

Instrutor/Professor/Contra mestre/Mestre are welcome but please inform us of your arrival in advance)
•ALL pre-paid fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

•Non TCC4C Teens/Adults students get 20$ discount on all fees

•Upon successful completion of registration form+payment, a confirmation email will be sent out within 24 hours.

How to register:

1)Fill out the the registration form below+send payment to complete registration, confirmation emails will be sent out within 24 hours of successful registration.

TCC4C student Pricing(NON TCC4C teens/Adults students get 20$ DISCOUNT) all PRICES INCLUDE TAX:

  • 89$- KIDS(5-9rs)- 1 Workshop/Belt ceremony/Belt May 24th (89$ after May 10th)

  • 89$- TEENS(10-16yrs)- 1 Workshop/Belt ceremony/Belt May 24th (89$ after May 10th)

  • 139$- TEENS(10-16yrs)- any 2 Workshops/Belt ceremony/Belt May 24-26 (139$ after May 10th)

  • 169$- TEENS(10-16yrs)- 3 Workshops/Belt ceremony/Belt May 24-26 (169$ after May 10th)

  • 79$- ADULTS(16+yrs)- 1 Workshop/Belt ceremony/Belt May 25th (79$ after May 10th)

  • 129$- ADULTS(16+yrs)- any 2 Workshops May 25th-26th (129$ after May 10th)


Capoeira Teacher Pricing:

  • 75$-INSTRUTOR/Professor-FULL EVENT

  • Contra Mestre/Mestre-FREE (click "Cash" in "Method of payment")(Please inform us of your arrival prior to the event please)

  • FREE- Instructor bringing 2+ students participating in FULL EVENT(minimum 2 workshops)

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Cash/Cheque (Made out to "VADIM PODOSYAN")

  • Email money transfer (CDO.TORONTO@GMAIL.COM) (include name of participant in notes)

  • Paypal (CDO.TORONTO@GMAIL.COM)(4$ fee per student) (include name of participant in notes)

  • Visa/Mastercard/Amex (4$ fee per student)

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