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Vadim Podosyan(Instrutor Fofuxo) was introduced to Capoeira at the age of 13 by a friend of his family. He started training Capoeira in Israel under the supervision of Mestre Cueca and Mestre Edan. Shortly after he fell in love with this beautiful art form and realized that this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

In 2008 he arrived in Toronto, Canada to visit family and decided to settle there. He continued training while travelling the world and developing his Capoeira skills, training and teaching in countries like India, Russia, Israel, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Germany, Italy and Turkey and in 2015 he founded the Canadian Centre for Capoeira.

Since then Instrutor Fofuxo has been working hard to develop and spread the art of Capoeira in Toronto and Canada, teaching adults, teenagers and kids as well as teaching and practicing the values&disciplines a Capoeirista should possess as a way of life.

Due his many travels around the world learning and spreading Capoeira, Fofuxo is proficient in English, Hebrew, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

He strongly believes that giving back to the community through workshops, shows and other educational events that help spread the art of Capoeira is a vital part of what Capoeira stands for.

Nowdays, under the guidance of Mestre Cueca, Instrutor Fofuxo continues to develop his knowledge of Capoeira and represent the Canadian Centre for Capoeira in Canada and abroad.

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