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Kids Graduation&Belt Ceremony

May 1st, 2020

We are happy to invite you to our Annual Kids Capoeira Batizado(“Baptism/initiation”) Belt Ceremony&Graduation festival taking place Friday May 1st.
This event is an annual international Capoeira festival which celebrates the hard work, dedication, accomplishments, and many hours of training all of the amazing students of TCC4C have invested throughout the year, and will include guests teachers and students from all over the world, including Russia, Israel, USA, Brasil, and more.

In this celebratory event the kids will participate in a specialty Kids Capoeira workshop taught by a Capoeira Master, receive their first/next Capoeira Belt(Cordao), awarded to them by a Capoeira Master following a capoeira game in which they will be “baptized” into the world of Capoeira or graduated to their next belt. All students are REQUIRED to wear formal TCC4C white pants(available for purchase before hand in class and upon check in at the event). Registration&check-in desk will open at 4:00pm Friday May 1st. Please arrive NO LATER THAN 4:45PM to complete check in. The Workshop will take place 5pm-6pm, followed by The Belt Ceremony, which will begin promptly at 6:15pm. Following this event every student who has a TCC4C Shirt/pants/Belt must wear it to Capoeira class.

Our event will take place at our Eglinton Ave west Location at Groove Creative Arts Centre(491 Eglinton Avenue West, suite 400, 4th Floor, M5N 1A8)

Confirmed Guests:


Event Details:

Date&time:5pm-7pm, May 1st, 2020

Location: Groove Creative Arts Centre,491 Eglinton Ave W, suite 400, M5N 1A8




  • 60$(REGULAR)



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